Celebrate Earth Day – April 22

Plan Ahead for Earth Day

Earth Day – a great time for papermaker to give back! Who else can offer a creative, attention-getting, hands-on art form that every kid to adult wants to try? YOU can perform magic! Recycle wastepaper into a new handmade sheet and the crowd will go wild! Here are some Easy Projects you can take to […]

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Art with Angel Wings

Angel Wings for Botanical Art

Margaret and Mabel have a lot in common. Besides their super-senior status, both have lived in Lancaster, PA. Both enjoyed long careers as teachers. Currently, they both create artwork for gifting and sales… […]

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Make Your Own SEED PAPER … with TP!

Make Seed Paper on Earth Day

Spring! A time for papermakers to connect our activities to earth awareness and the caring for the environment. Here’s our favorite project: Make Seed Paper … with TP (yup, toilet paper)! Seed Paper – A Perennial Favorite Seed paper is ‘plantable’ paper embedded with seeds. The paper is ready to add to a patio pot […]

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Earth Day Craft – Pollinator Seed Paper

Handmade paper project example

April 22 is Earth Day! This is the perfect time to make a paper craft to help support one of Earth’s greatest friends – pollinators! The most common pollinators are insects – things like bees, wasps, butterflies, and beetles. These insects visit flowers of plants to find food, mates, and shelter. In doing this they […]

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Make Paper for Rubber Stamping

Rubber Stamping Handmade Paper example

How to make your own recycled handmade paper that will be great to use with rubber stamping and other printing applications. Recycle, press the surface smooth, and add additional sizing if needed. […]

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