Art with Angel Wings

Angel Wings for Botanical Art

by Kim Grummer

Mabel and Margaret are both 96 years old. Mabel was married to Arnold for 60+ yrs. The two ladies met through phone calls Margaret made to purchase Angel Wings.

Margaret and Mabel have a lot in common. Besides their super-senior status, both have lived in Lancaster, PA. Both enjoyed long careers as teachers. Currently, they both create artwork for gifting and sales. But they differed in their view of Angel Wings.

In paper making, Angel Wings blended with pulp become long, fibrous strands of color in the paper. They can also be left whole and floated in the pulp and handmade sheet. Neither of these looks appealed to Mabel for her cards.

Angel Wings float in paper pulp as shown on the handmade paper card by Mabel Grummer.
Mabel didn’t care for the look of Angel Wings the first time she used them for a card design.

Margaret is a collage artist. She uses Angel Wings for floral bouquets. She chooses her colors, tears them, arranges them on canvas, glues them in place, and highlights her design with paint. Margaret adds a mat frame and clear protective sleeve over finished pieces for the Senior Living campus gift shop.

After several calls about Angel Wings, Margaret and Mabel made an exchange. Margaret sent Mabel one of her floral bouquet pieces, Mabel mailed off a set of her cards.

Angel Wings for Botanical Art
Margaret sent Mabel one of her botanical collages using Angel Wings. Mabel was inspired.

Mabel’s view of Angel Wings changed when she saw Margaret’s Angel Wing collage. She began experimenting by tearing the petals for her cards. She was happy with the results and added ‘Angel Wing’ cards to her lineup for this year.

Mabel experimented with Angel Wings and a new card design she enjoys making.

Margaret called recently to request a mix of green Angel Wings. ‘Kim, it would be nice to have more greens to choose from for petals and stems. I’d like to have as many shades of green as possible.’

We sent Margaret a set of mixed green Angel Wings to try. A week or so later, another botanical collage came in the mail. We were amazed to see all the shades of green.

Another surprise package! Margaret used all the shades of green Angel Wings
Margaret requested green Angel Wings in several shades. This is what we sent her, Now it’s a new item,
Mixed Greens.

Want to try Angel Wings ? Now’s the time!

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    1. Hi Randy, thanks for your comment. Every once in a while there’ll be a really fun phone call and chance to connect personally with someone. Very special. Keep making paper – love your work. Kim

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