Jingle Bell Books!

Sticky note Books for the holidays

Jingle Bell Books are lots of fun to make – and they really do jingle!

Sticky Note Books, in general, are a nifty project for craft night, gifting or cheering up your work station.

Here’s what we used to make our Jingle Bell Books.



Note: All Sticky Note Book Sets from Arnold Grummer’s come with patterns, parts and easy directions to make a nice book on your first try.

  1. Use tracing patterns to cut out a paper cover and liner for each book from holiday wrap or any decorative paper.
  2. Follow illustration in directions to glue cover boards and spine board in place.
  3. Score flaps before folding on the two long sides and two end flaps.
  4. Run a 1/2″ strip of glue over the covers and spine boards on both long sides of the book back.
  5. Fold long flaps onto the glue strip; press into place.
  6. Repeat gluing, folding and pressing on the end flaps.
  7. Run a line of glue into both ‘gullies’ between the cover and spine boards.
  8. Completely cover the liner paper with glue. Center and press into place.
  9. Run a thumbnail down both ‘gullies’ to nudge liner paper into glue.
  10. Place book cover between wax paper and under heavy books until glue sets. Overnight is good.
  11. Embellish book cover with EmBellishments, or craft items, stickers or odds ‘n’ ends from your scary craft closet.
  12. Gently score and fold cover. Remove back page from 3×3 inch note pad and stick in place.

3 thoughts on “Jingle Bell Books!

  1. Hi – I’m looking for a friend from college named Kim Grummer. This is a long shot, but did you go to the university of Wisconsin- Eau Claire in the 70’s? Maybe graduated in 1977? – Wendy Hazen was my name back then.

    1. Hi Wendy! yes, it’s me. PLease remind me where we crossed paths at EC? My memory bank continually fails me, even for sweet times like college. Please catch me up on where you are and what you’ve been doing. Much of my life and work is wrapped up in the family business. I run it by myself, and am running out of steam to continue much longer. Thanks so much for finding me and reaching out! Kim

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