Arnold Grummer's Paper Making



  • Classic resource by Arnold Grummer
  • Paper science in accessible language
  • Equipment, basic steps to make paper
  • Artistic and Decorative Techniques
  • Arnold makes paper with a US President

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The Fun and Easy Way to Make Beautiful Paper



    • Step-by-step illustrated instructions for basic papermaking


    • Methods to make handmade paper safe for scrapbooking


    • 27 art and decorative techniques for endless variations


    • Adding botanicals and other nonpaper ingredients





If you set out to find the best papermaking teacher in the world, your search would lead to Arnold Grummer. Not only is his knowledge of the subject all-encompassing, but his methods are so simple and easy that he truly makes the process fun. And the results will amaze you – so many varieties of beautiful sheets of paper, so many ingenious ways to change the effect. Whether you use your paper for fun party invitations, elegant wedding invitations, personal greeting cards, or as framed art, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you created it yourself.


A champion of our planet, Arnold believes that “waste paper is not waste fiber” and shows how to recycle any and all types of paper. Unlimited resources are available in your office waste basket, without spending a penny on materials. Water and fiber blended to pulp, colored with inks and dyes already in the paper, produce stunning new sheets that are truly “art” in every sense of the word.


Paperback, 4-color photos throughout, 160 pages. 1999, Krause Publ.

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