'Torrent' Lampshade

'Torrent' Lampshade Project

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Supplies Needed

  • Lamp base
  • Glue stick


  1. Make six to eight different-colored sheets of recycled paper in the usual way. Include at least two light colors.
  2. Tear thin, long strips from various sheets of handmade paper. Because of the curvature of the lampshade, strips will slant diagonally, instead of running straight across.
  3. Remove film over adhesive on the lampshade. Place strips on the adhesive, lining up curves and keeping the colors varied.
  4. Cover the entire lampshade with torn strips, holding it up to a lit lamp to look for cracks between strips. Disperse ligh-colored strips throughout for a luminous effect. Tear smaller strips and use your glue stick where multiple pieces overlap.
  5. NOTE(1): The lamp base in this photo was purchased at a local thrift shop for $2 and works!
  6. NOTE(2): This project is from 'Trash To Treasure Papermaking' by Arnold Grummer.

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