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TOP TEN Reasons To Get A Press

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Sometimes it’s important to state the obvious. Sometimes important things are not obvious and need stating. For example, #9 and #10 are reasons we suggest you get a press from Arnold Grummer’s NOW, if you can.

This list is part nudge, part urgency, and part ‘don’t say we didn’t try to warn ya!’


  1. AG presses are workhorses
  2. AG presses are well designed and downright classy
  3. AG presses last a lifetime
  4. AG presses are portable – take yours to workshops you teach or attend
  5. AG presses turn handmade paper into flat, pressed sheets with a professional finish
  6. AG presses create the best handmade paper and books on the planet
  7. AG presses press botanicals from forget-me-nots to ferns; no job too small!
  8. AG presses are handcrafted by a real pressmaker right here in the Paper Valley – Made in the USA
  9. AG’s presses are made with a beautiful and durable Baltic birch and the cost is going up, up up. Don’t dawdle.
  10. AG’s currently has presses in stock, but not that many – one of them should go to you!

In the end, we hope you find whatever reason you need to invest in yourself with a press from Arnold Grummer’s.

6 thoughts on “TOP TEN Reasons To Get A Press

    1. Hi Helen,

      Arnold Grummer’s Book & Paper Presses are made of Baltic birch plywood with a coat of finish. Presses are not designed to withstand the amount of water a sheet can release during the first step of water removal. This is usually accomplished using a sponge as directed in our papermaking kits, by pressing new sheets between felts, or by using a vaccuum table. Once that’s done, a press can accomodate the damp couching material they’re exposed to without any issues.

      Here’s what the press directions have to say:

      Paper dried slowly under pressure has a smoother, harder surface than paper pressed by hand and is less likely to feather inks. Papers made for resale require multiple pressings to achieve maximum quality.

      1. After removing as much water as possible with a sponge, place a newly formed sheet between couching materials.
      2. Lower the platen for maximum pressure and leave for 20-30 minutes. Leaving papers in the press longer at this point will accomplish nothing further.
      3. Raise platen, exchange damp couch sheets for dry ones. Return to press for 2-3 hours. Couch sheets will achieve their maximum absorption in this amount of time on the second pressing.
      4. Raise platen, again exchange damp couch sheets for dry ones. Return to press for 4-6 hours or overnight. Most sheets of average thickness will now be dry. If not, continue the process.

  1. Can you stack more than one page into the press? About how many will fit? And of course I would imagine that each page needs its own set of couch sheets on each side so stacked couch/paper/couch/couch/paper/couch etc

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Chelsea,

      The presses have 4″-6″ of ‘daylight, the space measured in height that accomodates a stack of new sheets between couch material. You’re correct, each sheet needs at least on couch material beneath and above it in the stack. The amount of sheets will depend somewhat on the thickness of the handmade paper and the thickness of the couching material. However, we’ve easily pressed papers for a class of 24 students with 2 couch sheets between each handmade piec with room to spare. I hope that gives you and idea if the press will work for your neeeds.

      Kim Grummer

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