Arnold Grummer's Paper Making

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Join Us for Arnold Grummer’s PAPER ON THE RIVER Atlas Science Center (formerly Paper Discovery Center), 425 W Water St, Appleton, WI 54911 Exhibit Opening: September 30, 5:30 – 7 pm Be the first to see 50+ new handmade paper artworks by 32 paper artists from the US and beyond. Arnold Grummer’s PAPER ON THE […]

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A Night In Sherwood Forest

Art by Arnold: A Night in Sherwood Forest

by Arnold E. Grummer I have long been enamored with Sherwood Forest, Robin Hood, and Nottingham of Merry Olde England.   So when my granddaughter wound up with a year at college in Nottingham, I went totally out of my mind.  I wanted her to stop studying immediately and go hang out in Sherwood Forest and […]

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All About Papermaking Screens – the essential tool of the papermaker


Papermakers need fiber, water, and some sort of sieve or screen. Papermaking methods and styles of screens abound. Screens might be made from cloth, bamboo, bronze, nylon mesh, hardware cloth, or heat shrinking polypropylene to name a few. Whatever material is used, papermaking screens all achieve the same purpose, which is capturing fibers while letting […]

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All About Abaca

Take a look and learn about this fun and versatile paper making fiber! Abaca is a paper making fiber that is well-loved by new and seasoned papermakers alike. It comes from the leaf sheath around the trunk of Musa textiles, a species of banana plant. It is typically sourced from the Philippines where it is […]

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All About Cotton Linter

Cotton linter

Cotton is a seed fiber commonly used for papermaking. When cotton is ginned it removes the long fibers from the seed. These fibers go on to make cloth and papermaking fibers called cotton rag. The seeds are then run through a machine called a linter. This machine removes the remaining short cotton fibers from the […]

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Share Your Paper Story – Noemí López

Look Who’s Making Paper!

Would you like to be featured in “Look Who’s Making Paper!” on the Arnold Grummer’s blog and win a $25 gift card to the Arnold Grummer’s shop? Click here to fill out and submit the online survey! We look forward to learning more about you and your work! Name and location My name is Noemí […]

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