Arnold Grummer's Paper Making

All About Papermaking Screens – the essential tool of the papermaker


Papermakers need fiber, water, and some sort of mold to collect the fibers into a sheet. Papermaking methods and styles of molds abound. There is one thing all molds have in common, namely the papermaking screen. Screens are made from cloth, bamboo, bronze, nylon mesh, hardware cloth, or heat shrinking polypropylene, depending on the tradition. […]

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All About Abaca – take a look and learn about this fun and versatile paper making fiber!

Abaca is a paper making fiber that is well-loved by new and seasoned papermakers alike. It comes from the leaf sheath around the trunk of Musa textiles, a species of banana plant. It is typically sourced from the Philippines where it is known as Manila hemp. The fiber has been used throughout history for making […]

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