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 Seed Paper Cards

Seed Paper Cards

Arnold Grummer's Items Used In Seed Paper Cards

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Seed Paper Cards

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Seed Paper' is paper you make with seeds in it. Plant the paper, watch it grow into flowers! Make these cheery cards with The Seed Paper Flower Kit. Fun for families - kids 6 and older can make these all by themselves.


Additional Information

Also Needed
  • Empty 16 oz sport drink or water bottle
  • Sponge
  • Bowl, 4" wide
  • Kitchen terry towel
  • Gluestick
  • Scissors
  1. Add 1 rounded teaspoon of paper pulp to bottle 3/4 full with water. Tear 2x3 inch piece of colorful tissue in small pieces and place in bottle as well.
  2. Shake pulp, water and tissue for 30-40 seconds.
  3. Add seeds, shake again for 10 seconds
  4. Pour pulp into strainer placed in center of flower tool.
  5. Remove wet seed paper from tool by pushing strainer up and out of the flower tool.
  6. Use a sponge to remove water from wet pulp."
  7. Move strainer with pulp to terry towel. Press out water. Move to dry spot on towel. Press again.
  8. Peel pulp off strainer. Lay on counter top to dry.
  9. Repeat steps to make more seed paper discs.
  10. Use kit supplies to create flowers or cards.
  11. Add leaf and tag with planting instructions.
  12. Send or give your 'Seed Paper' flowers to people who will enjoy getting paper they can plant from you!
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