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Arnold Grummer Papermaking Programs & Instructors


Noteworthy Paper

This is grand central for the Noteworthy Paper Program. Visit Noteworthy Paper and learn how this program can benefit your school, organization or community.


Paper Alice, Tipp City, OH

If you live in Ohio, you've probably seen Paper Alice! She seems to be everywhere making paper and teaching classes. Check out her event and workshop schedule and book a class today!

Paper Centers, Museums, Mills, Tours (USA)


Carriage House Paper Museum

MUSEUM (Brookline, MA) Books, handmade paper and artifacts used in the making of paper collected by Elaine Koretsky and Donna Koretsky.


Columbia Center for Book and Paper Arts

CENTER (Chicago, IL) Columbia College. Dedicated to furthering knowledge and appreciation of hand papermaking and book arts, including letterpress printing, bookbinding and artists' books.


Crane Museum of Paper Making

MUSEUM (Dalton, MA) Museum. Exhibits trace the history of American papermaking from Revolutionary times. Crane makes paper for US currency.


Dard Hunter Studios

MUSEUM (Chillicothe, OH) Dard Hunter´s Mountain House home and working studio.


Historic Rittenhouse

MUSEUM (Rittenhouse, PA) Museum. Site of the first paper mill in America.


Paper Discovery Center

CENTER (Appleton, WI) Explore the world of paper with a look at its past, its future, and the role paper plays in all facets of our lives.


Pyramid Atlantic

CENTER(Baltimaore, MD) University of Maryland. Non-profit contemporary arts center dedicated to the creation and appreciation of hand papermaking, printmaking, digital arts, and the art of the book.


Robert C. Williams Paper Museum

MUSEUM (Atlanta, GA) Internationally renowned resource on the history of paper and paper technology with over 10,000 watermarks, books, papers, tools, machines, and manuscripts. Features the Dard Hunter Collection of artifacts and books on paper and hand papermaking.


Twinrocker Handmade Paper

MILL, TOUR (Brookston, IN) A Twinrocker staff member will speak to your group about the history and practice of this ancient craft while you watch a master papermaker forming sheets by hand.


University of Iowa Center for the Book

CENTER (Iowa City, IA) The UICB administers a Certificate program, whereby graduate students enroll in a set of classes distributed among printing, paper making, bookbinding, calligraphy, and historical/cultural courses.

Paper Making Topics


Rice Paper

Learn about rice paper and about the fibers used to make it.


This blog entry has general historical information on watermarks; additional links at the end of the post.

Recycling Resources


Earth 911

An environmental resource site covering a wide range of topics of global interest to enable everyone to “Know Now, Act Fast and Make a Difference.”


EPA Recycling Education Resources

Students of all ages will find fun activities and project ideas to learn more about waste reduction, reuse, and recycling.

This site also provides information sources, tools, and data to enable student researchers to collect environmental information for use in projects and reports.


Kids For Saving Earth

Provides environmental education curriculum for all ages.

Environmental education topics such as conservation, endangered species, rainforests, forests, toxic waste sites, health issues, ecological concerns and more is covered on this website.



Arnold Grummer Online

Arnold Grummer's is the leading supplier for paper making kits & supplies for home and classroom use. Also known for book and paper presses, and a new line of beginner book making kits for home and classroom.


Dick Blick

Dick Blick, an art supplier with 28 stores, 3 mail order catalogs and an online store offers a wide range of Arnold Grummer's Papermaking and Beginner Book Making products. Dick Blick also offers select Arnold Grummer products at


Nasco Arts & Crafts

Check out Nasco for a wide range of Arnold Grummer Papermaking & Bookmaking products. Nasco offers international shipping to some locations.


Paper Alice

If you live in Ohio, you've probably seen Paper Alice! She seems to be everywhere making paper and teaching classes. Check out her event and workshop schedule and book a class today!


Papermaking Resources

Visit Catherine Nash's Papermaking Resources site for beginning and beyond instructional DVDs using the dip handmold.


Sax Arts & Crafts

The SAX catalog is available in hard copy and online. Visit School Specialty for the full line of Arnold Grummer's Papermaking and Bookmaking products available through the SAX catalog.


United Art & Education

Arnold Grummer's Papermaking & Bookmaking products are offered in United Art's gorgeous mail order catalog. United Art also has 13 stores in the Indiana / Illinois area.