How to Make Cast Paper

How to Make Cast Paper

You Will Need:

Casting Mold Cotton Linter Squares Paper Addive Paper Strainer
Arnold Grummer's Casting Mold Arnold Grummer's Cotton Linter Squares Arnold Grummer's Paper Additive Arnold Grummer's Casting Strainer

...and blender, sponge, bowl, terry cloth towel or paper towels.


1. Use enough Cotton Linters to cover the selected image or mold.

2. Put Cotton Linters in blender with 3 cups water. Optional: Add 1/8 tsp Paper Additive for smoother surfaced cast and ph neutral results. 
3. Blend on low for several seconds, then on high for 45 seconds.
4. Pour blended linter through mesh kitchen strainer. Save water in a bowl for next cast.
5. Plop pulp onto mold. Pat pulp into image. Maintain uniform thickness as much as possible.
6. Tilt mold over bowl. Press water out of wet pulp with fingers.
7. Use sponge to remove more water. Press pulp into every detail.
8. Use a terry cloth or paper towel to remove the last amount of water. Press firmly.

Drying Options:

a) Carefully peel cast off mold and dry on a flat surface like a counter top.
b) Use an embossing heat tool on back of the cast while still in the mold for 1 minute. Peel cast off mold and dry on both sides with heat tool.
c) Leave cast on mold and dry in 275 degree oven. Check after 10 minutes. Drying time depends on thickness of cast.

Add Sparkle   Paper Tints

Add Sparkle

Add a dash of Arnold Grummer's Mica Dust or Iridescent Flakes to cotton linter in blender for a sparkling finish.


Add Color To Paper Cast

Tear a 2 x 2 inch piece from a color strip in Arnold Grummer's Paper Tints. Add to pulp in blender. Use a larger piece for more intense color.


Project Booklet Paper Casting Book

For more information on paper casting, see the book Arnold Grummer's Complete Guide to Paper Casting.

Additional paper cast projects are in Arnold Grummer's Project Library