Arnold Grummer's Paper Making

Casting Mold Tips

7 Ways to use Arnold Grummer’s Casting Molds

Get the most out of your Arnold Grummer Casting Mold! Have fun exploring new possibilities!

General instructions below. See Arnold Grummer’s Casting Mold Project Booklet for complete directions and instructions for projects shown.

1. Paper Casts

Paper Casts Book

Release agent: Non-stick vegetable spray

Release issues may result when casting with fibers other than cotton linter, or using additives for color or other effects. If release becomes a problem, use a non-stick vegetable spray every third cast or so. Scrub mold with a toothbrush for severe sticking.

Note: AG molds do not require a release agent when using Cotton Linter alone.

2. Clay Creations

Polymer Clay

Polymer Clay

Release: Spritz mold with cold water before pressing clay into it.
Press prepared clay into mold. Remove and bake according to mnfcs suggested guidelines.

Air Dry Clay

Air Dry Clay

Release: Dust mold with talc or AG’s Paper Additive
Roll clay 1/4 inch thick, press into mold. Remove, trim, lay flat to dry.

Metal Clay

Metal Clay

Release: Cooking oil
Condition and roll clay to 2mm thick, press into mold. Remove, trim, bake according to mnfcs directions.

3. UTEE Casts

UTEE Casts

Release: Brush with embossing ink
Melt UTEE in Suze’s UTEE Melting Pot, pour onto prepped mold. Allow to cool and harden, pop cast out of mold. (UTEE is Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel)

4. Make Soap!

Make Soap

Release: Brush mold with oil.
Build walls around mold with modeling clay. Spoon melted soap base into mold. Cool before removing soap cast.

5. Make Cookies!

Make Soap

Release: Spray mold with non-stick spray.
Use any Cinnamon Dough Ornament recipe. Press 1 inch dough balls into mold, remove, trim, bake and paint.

6. Glass Casts

Glass Casts

Release: Glass mold release
Place glass and mold in kiln. Slowly ramp up to fusing cycle. Slowly ramp down including annealing temp cycle. Allow glass to cool in mold in kiln. Pop glass out of mold and clean. Not recommended for quick firing.

7. Art Foil Designs

Make Soap

Release Agent: None
Cut art foil to a slightly larger size than the mold. Use eraser end of a pencil to press design in foil. Backfill design with hot glue to stabilize. Rub with inks to decorate.