Recycled Christmas Card

Recycled Christmas Card Project

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Supplies Needed

  • Christmas card to recycle
  • Scissors


  1. Cut art from a selected Christmas card, then surface embed the art on a new handmade sheet.
  2. Select a received Christmas card whose art you particularly admire.
  3. Cut the art from the card and lay it aside.
  4. Follow the directions in your kit or handmold to make a sheet that's 5.5 x 8.5 inches with leftover holiday gift wrap whose color complements any color in the cut-out art.
  5. Save some of the pulp in a container.
  6. Remove the screen and new sheet from the hand mold.
  7. Place the art on the surface of the right-hand side of the wet sheet.
  8. Tamp the art's edges firmly down onto the wet sheet.
  9. Let the art "wet" for one or two minutes.
  10. With a turkey baster, dribble pulp you saved along and just barely over the art's edges.
  11. This will tie it firmly to the sheet's surface.
  12. Follow the directions in your kit or hand mold to finish the sheet with pressing and drying.

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