Recycled Candle Wraps

Recycled Candle Wraps Project

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Supplies Needed

  • Gift wrap to recycle
  • Ribbon, embellishments
  • Gluestick, scissors
  • Pillar candle, candle base, greens


  1. Find a candle base at a 'gently used' store, in a friend's attic or your mom's garage!
  2. Recycle holiday gift wrap, leaving some 'chunks' of gift wrap showing in the pulp..
  3. Spray paper with Flame-Free, iron dry.
  4. Cut strips of recycled paper. Wrap candles, attaching paper with gluestick, brads or push-pins. Top with ribbon or other festive embellishments leftover from holiday decorating.
  5. Finish candle base with real greens if possible.

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