Arnold Grummer's Paper Making



Sampler includes:

  • 1 oz KONA™ Shred Pulp
  • 1.25oz Cotton Linter Sheet Pulp
  • 1.5oz Cotton Rag Sheet Pulp
  • 1.75 Bleached Abaca Sheet Pulp
  • 1.75 Unbleached Abaca Sheet Pulp
  • 2 oz Seed Paper Pulp

All blender friendly. Instructions included.


Get acquainted with commonly used fibers for papermaking. Blend pulps to discover what qualities each fiber delivers.

Use three ways:

  1. Make a sheet from 100% specialty pulp
  2. Combine specialty pulps for color, texture or fiber attributes such as strength
  3. Add a pinch or small square of any specialty pulp to recycled fiber to affect color, texture, or strength

All pulps are blender friendly. Directions for each pulp are included with the sampler.

Made in USA

Please note:

The Sampler Value Set assortment may not match the image shown here.

  • 1 oz KONA™ Shred Pulp
  • 1 Sheet (1.25oz) Cotton Linter Sheet Pulp
  • 1 Sheet (1.5oz) Cotton Rag Sheet Pulp
  • 1 Sheet (1.5oz) Bleached Abaca Sheet Pulp
  • 1 Sheet (1.5 oz) Unbleached Abaca Sheet Pulp
  • 2 oz Seed Paper Pulp



1 oz KONA™ Shred Pulp, 1.25oz Cotton Linter Sheet Pulp, 1.5oz Cotton Rag Sheet Pulp, 1.75 Bleached Abaca Sheet Pulp, 1.75 Unbleached Abaca Sheet Pulp, 2 oz Seed Paper Pulp; instructions for use.


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