Arnold Grummer's Paper Making


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  • White photocopy paper, plain or printed (to recycle for papermaking)
  • Optional: Snippets of light green metallic floss or thread to add to pulp.
  • Optional: Dried plumosa fern (available in the floral dept.) to add to pulp.
  • Ruler
  • Floral tape
  • Floral wire stems
  • 3 leaves stem
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Rice or Birdseed


  1. Use Arnold Grummer’s Large Dip Handmold or Arnold Grummer’s Papermill PRO kit to make paper. One sheet makes two rice throwers. Arnold Grummer’s Papermill Kit makes one thrower.
  2. To make pulp, recycle plain or printed white photocopy paper. Use 1 1/2 sheets of photocopy paper for every handmade sheet you plan to make. (Use 3/4 sheet for the Papermill)
  3. Add pink petals, iridescent flakes, and snippets of thread (optional) to pulp before forming sheets.
  4. Form sheets following kit or handmold directions. You can either let the paper air dry on the screen to give it more texture, or press and dry it in the usual way as described in the directions.
  5. Cut or tear handmade paper to 6 1/2 inches x 5 inches. Roll paper into a 5 inch tall tube. Glue seam securely.
  6. Bend one end of floral wire into a loose circle/spiral less that 1 inch wide. This will help hold the paper tube in place as you wrap the wire with floral tape. Slide tube over bent end of wire and gently gather raw end of tube together. Wrap floral tape around the paper and down the wire (4-6 inches). Add 3-leaf stem and wrap the rest of the way down the floral wire.
  7. Pour rice or birdseed into open end of the tube, fill half way. Gently gather remaining ends of tube and then softly push raw ends into tube forming a rose bud.
  8. To “throw” the rice, hold the flower at the center of the stem, aim in the general direction of the bride and groom and throw arm forward releasing the rice from the rose bud.

Arnold Grummer’s Items Used In This Project