Flying Girl

handmade paper project example

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  • Color fast paper to recycle (available in the art supply section of many stores)
  • Beads, buttons, floss
  • Scissors, glue


  1. Click here to see a diagram and layout of the pieces for this project.
  2. For background paper (8 1/2 x 11): Recycle purple and blue wastepaper. Pour blended pulps into handmold or vat, gently swirling them to meet before pulling sheet to create two-color background. Watch ‘Adding Color in the Deckle’ on the video, or read Arnold’s book to learn more about this technique if interested.
  3. Air dry background paper to achieve a heavily textured sheet.
  4. Recycle and air dry additional sheets in pink, yellow and brown for other parts of this collage, or use leftovers from other projects.
  5. Using the layout as a guide, cut pieces from handmade paper for girl’s dress, face and feet.
  6. Cut pieces for moon, flower and hearts, or use paper punches.
  7. Layer cutouts onto the background.
  8. Use bead, button and floss embellishments to create decorative details.
  9. Use pink and red markers for polka dots on the girl’s dress.
  10. Mount assembled collage on a 11 x 14 inch matboard. Use a black fine tip marker to write ‘Love makes the world go round’ border around the collage.
  11. Use a standard 11 x 14 premade frame available at many craft stores to frame and hang the finished project.
  12. Tip: For a longer lasting art piece, recycle color fast paper to create a piece that won’t fade over time. Use Arnold Grummer’s Paper Additive to make the piece acid free. Hang or display out of direct sunlight.

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