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Arnold Grummer's PAPERMILL™ PRO Station Kit


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Papermill PRO Station For Groups
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This Best Seller is easy and successful paper making for your class, program or community event.

Supplies to make up to forty 8.5 x 11 sheets or A6 size envelopes per session using the simple 'pour' method. All supplies are reusable.

Iron sheets dry to use right away, or dry in press overnight for higher quality sheet surface.

Includes 30 minute instructional DVD with Arnold Grummer, covering 'How to Make Paper, How to Make Envelopes, How to Use Botanicals' and more.

Recommended for Grade 9 to adult. Ideal for high school art program, environmental activities and community events.

Note: Requires use of household blender, dishpan, tray (cookie sheet); iron optional.  Wastepaper a must!


Additional Information


Designed by Arnold Grummer:

  • Large pour handmold (deep wooden frame with hook and loop closures)
  • 3 Papermaking screens
  • 3 Cover screens
  • 2 Screen support grids
  • 80 Couch sheets for pressing and drying paper (reusable)
  • 2 Sponges
  • Press bar
  • 8 oz Cotton Linter
  • Illustrated direction sheet
  • A6 Envelope template with fold guide
  • Teacher's Guide with set up plan, materials checklist and tips for teachers 
  • Arnold Grummer's PAPERMILL™ PRO Guidebook with directions for decorative techniques, instructions for projects and tips on product care.
  • Arnold Grummer's FUN WITH THE PAPERMILL™ Vol I  instructional DVD (30 mins) includes Basic Steps for Papermaking , How To Add Color To Sheets, How to Use Botanicals,Surface Embedment


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