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Paper Collage Art Project

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Paper Collage Art

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by Penny Crocker Wasmund

Penny's work is featured in 'Look Who's Making Paper' on this website. Learn more about her and see more of her work in her blog:

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Additional Information

Also Needed
  • Canvas (11x14 for 'Spinakers at Dusk)
  • Gloss acrylic gel medium
  • Gesso
  • acrylic paints
  1. I'm a mixed media artist and found out paper strips adhere to canvas.
  2. For the 'Bargello' and 'Sailboat pieces, recycle paper in different colors and cut them into strips.
  3. Glue strips to the canvas using acrylic gel medium in gloss.
  4. After the strips are in place, cover the entire surface using acrylic gel medium in gloss as a topcoat.
  5. Tone down bright colors with a wash of watered down gesso.
  6. Sketch and paint the sailboats over the top, using acrylic paints.
  7. For the 'Anniversary Dance,' cut larger pieces of handmade paper to create a stained glass style piece shown here.
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