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Share Your Paper Story – Rae Samuels

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Name and location

Rae Samuels from New York City

What is a thing you love about paper and papermaking?

I love that paper is so versatile and that there are so many textures and colors and kinds all over the world. I also really love that you can make paper from so many things you find around your home. Making paper from recycled items is my specialty! I also really enjoy the papermaking process because playing in water is so therapeutic for me. It reminds me of my childhood playing at the beach in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Being able to play in water everyday brings me so much joy.

Where do you make paper? Your kitchen? Basement? Outside? Somewhere else?

Sometimes I make paper in our kitchen , but on nice summer days I love being able to go on our outside deck and make paper there!

What are some things you like to do with your paper once it’s made? Cards? Crafts? Something else?

I love using my paper to send to my many penpals as well as creating paper crafts and cards for family and friends. Lately I have also been incorporating my handmade paper into my watercolor and gouache paintings! The rest of my paper ends up in my journals and I love being able to document the different types of paper in them!

Tell us your favorite Arnold Grummer product and how you first learned about the company.

My all time favorite Arnold Grummer product is the large pour hand mold! It makes making paper so easy and I’m so glad to have been able to use it to make my handmade paper. I first learned about the company from researching how to make handmade paper on YouTube! I found all the videos from Arnold Grummer himself and I have been hooked ever since! Check out Arnold Grummer’s videos HERE!

Share a thought, bit of advice, or encouragement for someone interested in trying papermaking.

For anyone interested in trying papermaking I would say to keep on trying and keep on experimenting! I always hear stories of people who try papermaking and get discouraged, mostly because they have the wrong tools! I always recommend them all the Arnold Grummer products but especially the pour hand mold because it makes it very easy for first time learners to confidently make handmade paper! Once you start keep on mixing and having fun with all different kinds of materials and never stop. Papermaking is a craft that once you learn you can use for your whole life!

To check out more of Rae’s work, visit her Instagram page

4 thoughts on “Share Your Paper Story – Rae Samuels

  1. I totally agree with Rae when she mentioned once you learn how to make paper, you can use for your whole life.

  2. Rae, your presentation for The Crafter’s Box was amazing. You shared what you learned and developed with others in a most accessible and inspiring way. You’d have no way of knowing, but Arnold’s called his basement studio (aka the furnace room) the Quarter Moon Mill. He’d be tickled pink to see one popped up in your set of papers. Best wishes in all your continuing, creative pursuits.

    1. Wow that is soo amazing and what a cool name! I’m so happy to hear that he would have enjoyed that! I still remember the first time I saw his videos on YouTube! It made me dive in headfirst and really love the art of papermaking ! I’m so so thankful to have this artwork in my life! Thank you so much for your compliment and comment!

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