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Name and location

Meg Black. Boston, MA.

What is a thing you love about paper and papermaking?

Papermaking is an ancient tradition that has simultaneously not been widely explored as an art making medium, thus I am constantly discovering its potential and am challenged by its capacities which allows me to be a pioneer in this process. The texture of this media provides an almost three- dimensional quality to the finished surface, thus mimicking nature in all its splendor, the subject matter of my work.

Where do you make paper? Your kitchen? Basement? Outside? Somewhere else?

I am fortunate to have a wonderful fully operating paper making studio complete with hollander beater and press.

What are some things you like to do with your paper once it’s made? Cards? Crafts? Something else?

Using mostly abaca and cotton fibers, I have created an actual painting method that is just as durable and permanent as traditional oil painting, and pigmented with light-fast colors to match the rich hues of nature. My process provides a textured, almost three-dimensional quality to the painting’s surface, thus mimicking nature in all its splendor . . . from its rocky crevices along the ocean shoreline, subtle shadows in a garden path, the fullness and detail of a treed landscape, and the smooth surface of a still lake.

Tell us your favorite Arnold Grummer product and how you first learned about the company.

I have used Arnold Grummer’s paper making kits with students many years ago. I have been following the company on social media for some time-especially Instagram. Check out the Arnold Grummer’s Instagram page HERE!

Share a thought, bit of advice, or encouragement for someone interested in trying papermaking.

Be patient as you learn the careful craft of pigmenting the pulp. This can take several years to master.

To see more of Meg’s work, visit her website

3 thoughts on “Share Your Paper Story – Meg Black

  1. I hope to see Meg’s artist work in person sometime. It’s spectacular on a screen, can’t imagine how the dimensional aspect looks up close. Beautiful work, Meg

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