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Name and location

Kenneth Richard Bliss from Kilkenny Street in Maryland

What is a thing you love about paper and papermaking?

I love how pulp is all around us. It’s in almost everything. I love to grow it, eat it, juice it, burn it, shred it, pound it, puree it, press it, cut it, tear it, fold it and recycle it. You can draw on it, write on it and paint with it. Like Arnold says, “The possibilities are endless.”

Where do you make paper? Your kitchen? Basement? Outside? Somewhere else?

I have a studio in my home where I create. Recently I have joined an artists’ co-op where others specialize in pulp and print. But my favorite place is to take the pulp to the people. I love teaching small classes, camps, and street events.

What are some things you like to do with your paper once it’s made? Cards? Crafts? Something else?

Create Early Bliss is a line of stationery I have, which I also teach how to make. By using Arnolds’ guidance, I have created over 40+ projects. Using the papermill I paint with unlimited colors of pulp and use molds and cookie cutters for shapes to create cards and pictures. Or I paint long scenes that become lampshades. Having a plentiful garden allows me dried plants to embed in pulp as well.

Tell us your favorite Arnold Grummer product and how you first learned about the company.

Arnold and I met at my second wedding in 1997. His papermill and videos were a wedding gift to us. Check out Arnold Grummer‘s Paper Mills HERE. The old mill with its pink Velcro straps shows its age with its cracks and stains, but it can still make a sheet as well as any mill.

Share a thought, bit of advice, or encouragement for someone interested in trying papermaking.

Painting with pulp is a layered process of ebb and tide. A patient and slow pace will give more control. KEEP CALM AND PULP ON!

To check out more of Kenneth’s work, visit his website,, and his Facebook and Instagram pages!

3 thoughts on “Share Your Paper Story – Kenneth Bliss

  1. Kenneth, your pulp painting is so reminiscent of Arnold’s work and style. Would love to hear about interactions with fellow artists at the co-op. Thanks for the touching stories. Very happy you’re teaching.

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