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Name and location

My name is Citrine LaCroix. I was born in Idaho and live in Detroit, MI.

What is a thing you love about paper and papermaking?

One aspect of paper making that I love is reusing paper materials to make cards. Transformation is a huge part of my life and works of art. Plus who doesn’t love to get a thoughtful card in the mail?

Where do you make paper? Your kitchen? Basement? Outside? Somewhere else?

My first batches of paper were made in my kitchen. I usually pop up a portable table to use with my kitchen table. My next batch will be made in our new studio – Studio 12 by Smokey Citrine – which officially opened at the end of June!

What are some things you like to do with your paper once it’s made? Cards? Crafts? Something else?

I am fairly new to the paper making process but I started with cards and sheets of paper that I also screen print with colorful patterns. Next I am working on tags, studio invitations and journals! What fun!

Tell us your favorite Arnold Grummer product and how you first learned about the company.

I found Arnold Grummer’s through a blog online called ‘Paper Slurry’ which is a fantastic resource for all things paper! In an effort to recycle more, it became apparent that paper making would be an awesome outlet for not only materials that I can use but products that I can really sell! While looking for my first deckle and mould on a resource list from ‘Paper Slurry’, Arnold Grummer’s had the most affordable, ready-to-use supplies. I started with a small dip set and here we are! Recently I purchased a few templates for assorted tags, cards, and envelopes so my paper making journey has just begun! More to come!

Share a thought, bit of advice, or encouragement for someone interested in trying papermaking.

If you want to make paper I’d say GO FOR IT! I recommend focusing on recycling paper from your own home. Maybe start with just a deckle and mold to get the hang of it. If you’re looking to make several pieces of paper – be prepared to work for a couple hours! The longest process for me is drying and flattening the paper goods. Start small and build up, that way if you find you don’t like the process as much, you didn’t invest a ton of precious cash into it.

To check out more of Citrine’s work, visit her Instagram page and website and Studio 12 by Smokey Citrine’s Instagram and website!

3 thoughts on “Share Your Paper Story – Citrine LaCroix

  1. Congratulations! Your paper looks great and anyone would be thrilled to receive a handwritten note on it in the mail! Good luck on future endeavors

  2. Citrine, what practical advice for fellow paper enthusiasts and would-be papermakers. The screen printing on your handmade papers is quite beautiful. I’m with Sara. A handwritten note on a handmade card – thrilling! Happy papermaking, Kim

  3. Welcome to our group of Pulpists of the month.
    Ii am intrigued by your additions of ink. It creates a complete product. Getting a smooth surface is a task. Yours look perfect.

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