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Share Your Paper Story – Barbara White Stack

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Name and location

Barbara White Stack from Wexford, a suburb of Pittsburgh

What is a thing you love about paper and papermaking?

I love giving my pressed paper 3D pieces to friends and family.

Where do you make paper? Your kitchen? Basement? Outside? Somewhere else?

I make paper mostly in my kitchen. When we remodeled, I got a massive cabinet devoted to all of my supplies, molds, cotton linter, paints, brushes, etc.

What are some things you like to do with your paper once it’s made? Cards? Crafts? Something else?

I mostly make cards, Christmas cards, birthday cards, Halloween cards, Thanksgiving cards, Easter cards, Valentine’s Day cards. You get the picture!

Tell us your favorite Arnold Grummer product and how you first learned about the company.

Arnold Grummer provides me will all of my cotton linter. In addition, as a bonus, the staff at Arnold Grummer always gives me great tips, and we chat at length about paper making every time I call.

Share a thought, bit of advice, or encouragement for someone interested in trying papermaking.

Papermaking requires patience. It’s not uncommon for something to go wrong. There’s a divot, or several divots in the pressed paper when it comes out of the mold. The paint bleeds because the cotton is very absorbent. Mold forms in the slurry of cotton fiber, clay powder and water if it sits around too long unused. All of these problems, however, can be solved creatively.

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One thought on “Share Your Paper Story – Barbara White Stack

  1. Barabara! Even tho I feel like I know you through our phone chats, it’s sooo nice to meet you here visually and see your lovely casts. Please tell me how you decorated your casts in the last image? There’s no bleeding at all. Is that because of the way you made the cast or the paint/color medium you used? Thanks so much for sharing your paper casts on Look Who’s Making Paper!

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