Let’s Make Paper! (Hardbound Book)


  • New edition of a classic by Arnold Grummer
  • Make paper recycled wastepaper and tin cans
  • Step-by-step instructions and full color photos
  • Hardbound, perfect for library settings, 2024
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New for April 2024!

An updated edition of the classic Tin Can Papermaking! Recycled for Earth and Art, this educational book is filled with full color photos, updated text, and a host of new projects!

Learn how you can recycle wastepaper into beautiful new art, and you how you really can create excellent handmade paper with two tin cans!

Explore papermaking:

-Turn wastepaper into works of art at home or school

-Simple instructions with photos guarantee success

-Keep it eco-friendly with recycled paper cards and gifts to give all year

-Discover the science behind “what” paper is and “why” it can be recycled


Hardbound version released in 2024. Full color photos, updated text, and new projects!