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Let's Make Paper! Classroom Kit Box

Let's Make Paper! Classroom Kit


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Let's Make Paper! Classroom Kit
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Easy papermaking for the younger set! Ideal for the classroom and environmental programs as an art or hands-on recycling activity for mixed ages.

Finished paper in minutes. Makes up to 30 five-inch diameter circles of paper at a time.

Sets up on one table. Includes a clear cylinder so students can see paper form on the papermaking screen.

All supplies are reusable. Tested and successful in classroom or community use. Made in the USA.

Please note: 

You will need a large can (coffee can, baked bean can, or similar with lid and contents removed). Wastepaper a must! Requires use of kitchen blender, tray, plastic cups. Optional: an iron and ironing surface for dry paper instantly.


Additional Information


Designed by Arnold Grummer

  • Clear acrylic cylinder*
  • 2 papermaking screens
  • 2 cover screens
  • 2 screen support grids
  • 60 couch sheets (reusable)
  • 2 sponges
  • Press bar
  • Envelope pattern
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Classroom Guide with 2 lesson plans, project ideas, table set-up illustration, teacher tips

 *Acrylic ring with quarter inch wall, polished on both ends ensures safe handling even for the youngest children.

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