Arnold Grummer's Paper Making


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  • Makes round paper up to 5 1/2″ diameter
  • Hands on recycling activity
  • Successful for PreK-3 and community events
  • Meets art, science, environmental ed standards

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Easy papermaking for the younger set and community events.

Sets up on one table. Makes up to 30 five-inch diameter circles of paper at a time.

Includes a clear cylinder so paper makers can see paper as it forms. Finished paper in minutes.

Comes with teacher tips, project ideas and table set-up plan. All supplies are reusable.

Made in the USA.



Makes round paper up to 5″ across

  • Clear acrylic cylinder, polished safety edges
  • 2 paper making screens
  • 2 cover screens
  • 2 screen support grids
  • Press bar (made from 2 recycled milk cartons)
  • 60 couch sheets (reusable)
  • Envelope pattern to fit round sheets
  • Step-by-step paper making instructions
  • Directions for Seed Paper project
  • Two lesson plans, teacher tips, table-top set up plan

You will need: One empty large can, 5 1/2″ – 6″ diameter (coffee can, large baked bean can, or similar), kitchen blender, tray (cookie sheet with sides), plastic cups. Wastepaper, a must!