Lets Make Paper!™ Classroom Kit


Arnold Grummer’s® Let’s Make Paper!™ Classroom Kit is the perfect learn-by-doing activity for students in grades K-5, or participants of any age at community events.

Here’s a hands-on activity that replicates steps communities take to recycle paper: Collect, shred, make pulp, reform pulp into paper, dry and reuse.

After blending up wastepaper and pouring the pulp into a clear, acrylic cylinder, boys and girls get to watch as swirling fibers fall and a sheet is formed. Oohs and ahhs are not uncommon.

Whether it’s Earth Day or the topic is recycling, sustainability or the environment, this kit will reinforce lessons in a creative and successful way.

Best of all, each participant has their very own, recycled paper to take home.


Let’s Make Paper! Classroom Kit

'Making paper was the children’s favorite activity of the year,'

                                                         Charlotte Vogt, K4 Teacher

104 Let’s Make Paper!™ Classroom Kit

Makes (30) five-inch circles of paper at a time


Kit Contents:

All supplies are reusable


• Clear acrylic cylinder

• (2) Papermaking screens

• (2) Cover screens

• (2) Screen support grids

• (60) couch sheets

• (2) Sponges

• Press bar (made from recycled milk cartons (HDPE)

• Envelope Pattern

• Guide: 2 lesson plans, optional project ideas, set-up diagram for 6’ table, tips for teachers


Please Note: Requires use of kitchen blender, large empty can (coffee can, large baked beans, etc), plastic cups, tray (cookie sheet with sides), bucket, wastepaper. Optional: Iron and ironing surface for quick-dry paper

Made in the USA | All components: Non toxic



A pdf of this page is available for download here.