Jumbo SEED PAPER FLOWER™ Card Making Kit


Make paper that grows!

Whether the theme is Earth Day, Mother’s Day, plants or the environment, reinforce your goals with this successful, creative project.

The ‘seed paper’ center of large 6”x6” flowers is ‘plant-able’ paper. Kids blend up wastepaper with a pinch of Seed Paper Pulp, add seeds, and form paper circles using kit supplies. A tag with planting directions attaches to the flower.

Assembled cards slide into oversized envelopes, included, ready to share with the family or send to someone special.


Get enthusiastic and positive results - for students, their families, and your program!


Jumbo SEED PAPER FLOWER Card Making Kit

An oversized envelope (included) turns this project into a gift for families or someone special.


A FREE set of instructional videos by Arnold Grummer are posted at www.youtube.com/arnoldgrummer.


A pdf of this page is available for download here.

2705 Jumbo Seed Paper Flower™ Card Making Kit

Makes 48 Jumbo Seed Paper Flower Cards


Kit Contents:

• (4) Flower tools for papermaking and tracing
• (4) Papermaking screens
• (2 oz) Shredded Seed Paper Pulp
• (48) Green grass printed cards
• (48) Colorful cardstock squares for flowers
• (48) Diecut Leaves
• (48) Printed tags with planting instructions
• (48) Jumbo envelopes

• Directions (English)

Includes enough seeds for 48 projects

Please Note: 

a) Requires use of blender and simple craft supplies:
pencils, crayons, scissors; glue, glue stick or double
stick tape

Optional: Iron and ironing surface to quick-dry paper;
ribbon, glitter glue

b) Seeds not included. For best results use recently dated,
hardy, flat seeds: Cosmos, cornflower, marigold, or zinnia
are excellent choices

c) Activity uses small parts (seeds); not suitable for children
under 3 years of age