Papermill™ Station Kits For Groups

Arnold Grummer’s® Papermill™ Station Kits are go-to favorites for art, science and general classrooms. Schools and communities choose them for paper making, hands-on recycling, book making and more.

Plan a special event featuring papermaking, and patrons will find themselves drawn in, entertained and educated about paper. Sponsor a community project, like the ‘People’s Library’ in Richmond, VA and watch folks come together around papermaking.

As a team building activity, paper making offers endless opportunities for creative interaction. Bring a set-up to the retreat center and the blender will be busy long after the session ends.

Thanks to the overall low cost of the kits and their reusable components, papermaking guarantees a high return on investment. Choose it as an activity, or a gift, to grace local classrooms, corporate events, community programs and organizational gatherings for years to come.


Papermill Station Kit For Groups

Simple stitched books are easy to make with handmade paper


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304 Papermill™ Station

Makes 5 ½” x 8 ½” paper, 40 sheets at a time


502 Papermill™ PRO Station

Makes: 8 ½” x 11” paper, 40 sheets at a time


Kit Contents:

All supplies are reusable


• Wooden frame (deckle) with hook & loop straps
• (3) Papermaking screens
• (3) Cover screens
• (2) Screen support grids
• (80) Couch sheets
• (2) Sponges
• Press bar
• Specialty Pulp (adds texture to recycled paper)
• Illustrated direction sheet
• Guidebook with tips, techniques and projects
• Instructional DVD
• PRO Station Only: Envelope Template


Please Note: 

Requires use of a kitchen blender, storage container, large plastic cups, tray, bucket, waste paper.

Optional: For dry paper instantly, an iron and ironing surface.

Made in the USA (Deckle imported/China)