Arnold Grummer's Paper Making

Welcome New Papermakers – Crafting Subscription Boxes Feature Arnold Grummer’s Products.

Crafter’s Box

Two popular creative subscription boxes feature papermaking this April – and both clubs tapped Arnold Grummer’s for key components! We are so excited that lots of new folks will be discovering papermaking this month through The Crafter’s Box! There are plenty of subscription boxes out there, but The Crafter’s Box is the only one we know of […]

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Earth Day Craft – Pollinator Seed Paper

April 22 is Earth Day! This is the perfect time to make a paper craft to help support one of Earth’s greatest friends – pollinators! The most common pollinators are insects – things like bees, wasps, butterflies, and beetles. These insects visit flowers of plants to find food, mates, and shelter. In doing this they […]

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Paper On The River 2021

PAPER ON THE RIVER 2021 (formerly Arnold Grummer’s PAPERFEST ) You’re invited! Join us October 1 at the Paper Discovery Center in Appleton, WI Meet the paper artists, view a new exhibit of handmade paper artwork and share the event in person or online* this fall Arnold Grummer’s PAPER ON THE RIVER 2021 October 1 […]

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All About Cotton Linter

Cotton linter

Cotton is a seed fiber commonly used for papermaking. When cotton is ginned it removes the long fibers from the seed. These fibers go on to make cloth and papermaking fibers called cotton rag. The seeds are then run through a machine called a linter. This machine removes the remaining short cotton fibers from the […]

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Ask Arnold : Make Your Own Paper for Rubber Stamping

Rubber Stamping Handmade Paper

How to make your own recycled handmade paper that will be great to use with rubber stamping and other printing applications. Recycle, press the surface smooth, and add additional sizing if needed. […]

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