Kids: Bugs & Beads Jewelry

Kids: Bugs & Beads Jewelry Project

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Supplies Needed

  • Small package polymer clay
  • Water mister
  • Craft knife
  • Eye pin (from the craft store in 'beading' or 'jewelry making dept)
  • Beading thread, assorted beads
  • Scissors


  1. To make the polymer clay bug for this project, use a small package of polymer clay in the 'bug' color of your choice. Some polymer clays have iridescent colors and make terrific bugs.
  2. Prepare (knead) clay according to package directions.
  3. Roll prepared (kneaded) clay to 1/4 inch thick. Mist casting mold with cold water. The water will act as a 'release agent' so the clay won't stick to the mold.
  4. Place clay over mold, press into mold to capture details.
  5. Gently remove and use craft knife to trim along bug outline.
  6. Insert eye pin on top, then bake clay according to polymer clay package directions.
  7. Cut beading thread to the desired length plus 2 inches.
  8. Slide pendant to center of beading thread.
  9. Thread beads onto both sides until happy with the design and length and knot ends to finish.

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