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Would you like to be featured in “Look Who’s Making Paper!” on the Arnold Grummer’s blog and win a $25 gift card to the Arnold Grummer’s shop? 

We know that the best art comes from those who have a story to tell. We are so proud to have this program in place where people can share what drives them and hopefully be an inspiration to other artists to create works that represent beauty and individuality!

Fill out and submit the online form below! We look forward to learning more about you and your work!

Arnold Grummer’s LLC (the company)

Arnold Grummer’s LLC was founded by Arnold and his wife Mabel in 1976 as Paper Ed/Ex. The company changed names as it grew to become a leading supplier of hand papermaking kits and supplies for the home, studio, and classroom in the US and Canada.

Offices are located in Appleton, WI, in the heart of the Fox River Paper Valley. 

Arnold Grummer’s (R) is the registered brand name for products developed and sold by Arnold Grummer’s LLC.

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