Arnold Grummer's Paper Making



  • Angel Wings
  • 4 shades of green
  • Adds fibrous strands of color to handmade paper
  • Useful for foliage, stems in botanical art collage
Item #: AW - Mixed Greens Category:


For Papermaking: Angel Wings break into long strands in the blender to give a mulberry fiber effect to handmade paper. Use only 1 or 2 petals per sheet. Float whole in the pulp or hand tear into smaller pieces for additional effects. Remove seed before use to avoid brown spots in paper. Angel Wings will not lose color during paper making or when dried by heat.

For Botanical Paper Art:  Use Mixed Green Angel Wings for foliage, leaves and stems on botanical paper art collage work. Includes for shades of green for varied effect.


Angel wings, 4 shades of green. Made in Thailand.

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