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2602 Seed Paper Heart Doilies & Tags

Seed Paper Heart Doilies & Tags


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12 white heart shaped doilies and pink Seed Paper tags with planting instructions.
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Blend junk mail envelopes with scraps of tissue or napkin. Add your favorite sparkles and seeds. Place a paper making screen or window screen on plastic canvas or a support grid resting on an open top can. Use a turkey baster or squeeze bottle to fill heart shaped cookie cutters with blended pulp. Press out water with sponge, set heart on towel to dry. Attach seed paper hearts to doilies with gluestick, and tags with planting instructions using string or cord.

Bingo! You've got a Valentine, gift or favor that's beautiful, artful, and growable.


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12 white precision cut heart doilies

12 Seed Paper tags with planting instructions in pink