Painted Heart & Roses Cast

Painted Heart & Roses Cast Project

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Supplies Needed

  • Watercolor paints or pencils
  • Small round brush
  • Fine-tipped glitter glue


  1. Rub the mold with glycerine, filling in all small details. Wipe away excess with paper towel or clean cloth.
  2. Use cotton linter with paper additive to make pulp. Pat pulp into mold, carefully working fibers into small details. Blot out water with sponge first, then towel.
  3. Bake at 185 degrees or allow to thoroughly dry. When completely dry, pop out of mold with knife.
  4. In watercolor pallette, put 4 generous drops of glitter glue. Wet brush and pick up color from watercolor cakes or pencil tips to tint glue.
  5. Use small round brush to paint tinted glitter glue onto cast. Allow to dry.
  6. Use fine-tipped silver glitter glue for outline.
  7. Apply painted cast to card, invitation, keepsake box, etc.

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