Who Is Arnold Grummer?


Arnold Grummer, an internationally recognized Paper Educator, was known for his ablility to inspire passion for paper and the paper fiber. His ability to communicate scientific, historic and creative aspects of paper to preschoolers to paper scholars earned him honors from both the industrial and hand papermaking communities. 


Equally notable was Arnold Grummer's development of an easy and successful way to make paper - by recycling. With a kitchen blender, wastepaper and something as simple as two tin cans, he delivered on his promise:


  '... whether you're young, old, challenged or unchallenged, tall, short or in between, you can make a good sheet of paper on your very first try ..."




Arnold Grummer's (R)  is a leading international supplier of hand papermaking kits and accessories for home, classroom and community settings.

Arnold Grummer's (R) Papermaking Kits & Supplies  are manufactured and distributed by Greg Markim, Inc, dba Arnold Grummer'sTM. Greg Markim, Inc was established in 1976 and incorporated in 1983. The business is named for the Grummer children, Mark, Greg and Kim.

Arnold Grummer'sTM Youtube Channel   is a non-commercial video channel offering Arnold Grummer's instructional videos and supporting links with over 350,000 views since its launch.

Arnold Grummer'sTM Website offers additional free resources, how-to's, projects, lesson plans for teachers, helpful links and more along with the full line of Arnold Grummer'sTM creative products for home, classroom and community.



1923 -2012

Arnold Grummer is remebered for making the sophisticated science of paper and papermaking accessable to persons of all ages and backgrounds. 


He gained understanding of paper's structure and technology working with PhD scientists while on faculty at the Institute of Paper Chemistry. He later added the duties of Curator of the Dard Hunter Paper Museum where he helped visitors and correspondents from all over the world with scholarly research. Blending knowledge of the historic snd scientific worlds of paper, Arnold's respect and passion for paper along with a keenly developed ability to communicate led to five books and diverse presentations with his 'Great American Paper Machine'.


Arnold’s credits include television programs, presentations at the Smithsonians, paper making with visiting dignitaries and a U.S. President.

In 1999 the prestigious paper making society, Friends of Dard Hunter, captured the essence of Arnold’s distinctive contribution with it’s first-ever Lifetime Achievement Award:

"For advancing the art of paper making...and sharing your infectious joy of the craft with us all.


In 2012 Arnold Grummer gained honor for his unique contribution to the Paper Industry by inductuction to the International Paper Industry Hall of Fame in the category of Service, Educator, Entrepreneur.  

For more highlights of Arnold Grummer’s career, books, articles and appearances, review Arnold’s Resume below.







B.A. Iowa State Teacher’s College (University of Northern Iowa)

M.A. State University of Iowa



Arnold Grummer's (R)  President
Appearances, Consultation, Columnist
Product Development

Greg Markim, Incorporated
Appearances, Consultation, Columnist
Product Development, Video Production 

Paper Ed/Ex
The Great American Paper Machine
Exhibits, Programs, Lectures
Schools, Museums, Festivals, US and Canada

The Institute of Paper Chemistry
Graduate Faculty: Dept. of General Studies
Editor: General Publications
Curator: Dard Hunter Paper Museum

Armstrong Cork Corp
Iowa State Teachers College



International Paper Indusrtry Hall of Fame

2012  Educator | Service | Entrpreneur



Friends of Dard Hunter
2000  Lifetime Achievement Award



Trash To Treasure Papermaking   Storey, 2011

Complete Guide To Paper Casting   Krause2002

Complete Guide To Easy Papermaking   Krause1999

Tin Can Papermaking: Recycle for Earth & Art   Greg Markim, Inc1992

The Great Balloon Game Book   Greg Markim, Inc1987

Paper By Kids   Dillon Press1980


PaperMaking Video Workshop (1998)
Instructional videos featuring the dip handmold. 30 minutes. Greg Markim, Inc

Fun With The Papermill Video Library  (1997)
Set of three instructional videos featuring the pour handmold. 30 minutes each, 90 minutes total. Greg Markim, Inc.

The Taiwanian Commercial Hand Paper making Industry  (1965)
Writer, editor, narrator. Filmwork: Arthur Wakeman. Kimberly Clark CO



Paper and Other Writing Materials

Scribner’s Dictionary of American History

The Development of the Test Tube Tree
Paper Magazine (London) March, 1977

Paper (series of three articles)
The Correspondent 1978

Peerless On Paper  (about Dard Hunter)
Milwaukee Journal December 28, 1983

From Rags To Riches: 1851 to 1918
PIMA Magazine

Many other articles in domestic and foreign trade journals and magazines.



Paperworks Magazine

Sommerset Studio
Contributing Editor 1997 to 2000



Alma Mater for University of Northern Iowa



HSN  Home Shopping Network (2007)

PBS  Creative Living (2006)

SAH  Shop At Home (2005, 2006)

WGN Morning Show (2004)

Good Morning Arizona (2004)

HGTV  Carol Duvall Show (1994, 1999, 2000)

TLC  Crafts & CO (1995, Most frequently requested program)

QVC (1996, 1997)


Smithsonian Institution

  • Bicentennial Celebration - Presentation on the Mall
  • Museum of American History - 4 appearances
  • Folk Art Festival on the Mall
  • Associates Workshop
Chicago Museum of Science and Industry

Toronto College of Art 

University of Wisconsin   Milwaukee Art Department



FBI  Federal Bureau of Investigation

IRS  Internal Revenue Service

AAFS  American Academy of Forensic Sciences

Independent Assoc. of Questioned Documents Examiners

TAPPI  Technical Assoc. of the Pulp and Paper Industry

PIMA  Paper Industry Management Association

Graphic Arts International Union

American Forest Institute

International Assoc. of Printing House Craftsmen



Richard Nixon (President)

Govenor Jim Doyle (WI)

Govenor Tommy Thompson (WI)

Governor Patrick Lucy (WI)

Monroe Leaf (Author)

Mr. Whipple



Towne Papermaker
Bristol Renaissance Faire: 1983 - 1985