Abaca Sheet Pulp

Unbleached Abaca Sheets

Unbleached Abaca: 9 lbs (12 Sheets)


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Abaca Pulp: Unbleached Abaca / 12 Sheets / 9 lbs
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Unbleached abaca is known for its natural, creamy flecked fiber.


A commonly used fiber for papermaking, unbleached abaca adds strength to handmade paper and casts, and gains translucence and 'snap' when overbeaten in a studio or labratory beater. 

12 sheets (23"x32") are trimmed into 8" x 12" pieces.

Unbleached abaca easily rehydrates and can be pulped in the kitchen blender. Tip sheet included.


Net weight: 9 lbs  (+/- .2 lb)

Imported from the Philippines.


Additional Information

Contents Twelve 12 oz sheets unbleached abaca pulp (23 x 32 inches) trimmed for shipping, approx 9 lbs (+/- .1 lb), tip sheet. Imported from the Philippines.